Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing

Imagine you could have a positive, calm birth any place which suits you with a relaxed & supportive birth partner. Now imagine that after your birth, when your friends and family ask after how it all went...you say with a smile "I felt able, confident and calm throughout".

This is the power of Hypnobirthing. The Mindful Mamma method teaches you to use both mindfulness & self hypnosis to create the internal environment which enables you to have a positive birth experience for both you & baby.

You can choose to either come along with your partner to one of our 1 day workshop's or I am happy to work with couple's privately within your home.

In our Hypnobirthing workshops you'll learn -

  • Why environment matters & what to do about it

  • Why some women birth better than others. Your birthing parnter will be shown how to be a help rather than a hinderence.

  • How to write a birth plan which can make a difference to your physcology.

  • Why communication matters and how minset helps

  • Hypnobirthing, mindfulness and relaxation techniques

  • To feel excited and look forward to the birth of your baby

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