A winter break...

// Hibernate //

To hibernate means to take a season-long snooze. ... Animals that sleep through the winter, like bears, squirrels & rodents are said to hibernate through the winter. This word can also be used to describe any kind of inactive or dormant state, especially for the purpose of getting rest.

Firstly I want to start by thanking all of my Breathe Yoga students for sharing your practice with me and allowing me to lead you, your loyalty to us throughout the year and for your hard work. Breathe Yoga is going to be taking a short break throughout December to re-coup, allowing me time to put together fresh classes with great new soundtracks and melding together all of which I have learnt over the past few month's from some of the world's best yoga teachers.

You still have until the end of November to join me on the mat every Monday night at 7.30pm in Aeusserer Sonnenweg 1. I know that many of you will be taking the chance to go and celebrate Christmas with loved one's, maybe heading back home or taking a well deserved holiday. I hope that you can use this break to re-charge your batteries ready for joining me in the New Year :-) My second piece of news for you is that Breathe Yoga is evolving. I have found my passion and the way in which I love to share this practice. My heart beats strong for teaching and supporting the pregnant women. I will therefore be beginning to focus my teaching's in the field of Pre-natal yoga, Post natal yoga and Hypnobirthing (on completion of my Hypnobirthing Certification). Breathe Yoga will still provide a regular yoga class for all level's weekly, we will still be part of the HSG Unisport yoga team but will look to provide more pregnancy related classes and events....including working privately with pregnant student's. On that note... Most Swiss Insurance companies will provide 50% toward's any pregnancy classes and private yoga session's. So if you know of anyone who may be interested, then please pass this news on!


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