Mum's & Bub's Post Natal Yoga

Post Natal Yoga reinvigorates your body, mind and soul following pregnancy and birth. It works to rebuild strength in your pelvic floor, abdominal muscles and back. The yoga poses are specifically chosen for their suitability for the post partum body. They will encourage you to work on the muscles now being used to carry and feed your baby. As well as strengthening, toning and balancing your body as a whole.
We utilise the breath in order to energise depleted energy levels and encourage the body to let go of tension and rest more deeply.
Through Post Natal Yoga you will gain the physical and psychological benefits of doing yoga alongside the opportunity to bond and play with your new baby, learning to move and adapt to each other mindfully.
Mothers are advised to start attending class after they have attended their six week post birth check with the doctor and ahving been given the all clear to start exercise again.
Special precautions ans considerations will be taken Post Caeserean birth where there is still bleeding or abdominal complications.
The class is a space where babies (and mother's) are free to cry, feed & giggle when they feel like it. It is a safe space to share, meet other mum's and feel supported on this new journey.

Hot herbal tea is served after class for you to have time to get to know your fellow classmates.

In 2017, shortly after giving birth to my own baby... I completed my Pre & Post Natal Yoga Certification with the Bristol School of Yoga. I have since continued to gain expertise by completing additional workshops in this area.

All day with a small baby can be both physically and emotionally exhausting. Bring baby along to class where they are free to sleep, watch or even "join in" with a gentle...
Mums & Bubs Post Natal Yoga
1 hr

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