Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing has found it's way over to Switzerland!

The hugely popular and sucessful one day hypnobirthing workshop was founded in the UK from the number 1 best selling hypnobirthing book by Sophie Fletcher!

Did you know that 4 out of 5 women are anxious about birth... are you one of them?

In our 6 hour workshop we will cover:

- The importance of a calm mother for a smooth birth.

- How fear and tension held in our subconscious can slow down birth.

- Relaxation and hypnosis techniques to minimise the need for assistance during birth.
- The role of the birth partner and how to be a supportive and helpful person in the room.
- The hormones of birth and what can affect them.

- How to communicate your birth wishes confidently to your care provider.
- Birth positions and breath work to minimise discomfort and assist in a quicker delivery.


Workshops are held on a monthly basis in both Zurich and St Gallen.

Small group's of 6 couples max.

Workshop's are held in English.

Location and price details can be found under the "Book Online" tab in the menu above.


Most insurance providers will cover up until 50% of the cost of the workshop!


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